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Superiority in Quality is Our Specialty


Bharat Nursery is a renowned grower and supplier of high quality of fruit plants, flower plants, ornamental plants and very fast growing timber plants which depend on the best quality standards. Since the time of establishment our farm, we have been continuing our legacy to become a reliable nursery in the state of Bihar. We are absolutely engaged in every effort to keep our garden premises clean, green and healthy. Since 1999, Bharat Nursery has been completely managed by our Owner-cum-CEO Mr. Kalyan Jee. He is the man having lots of creative ideas, excellent leadership skills, more than nineteen years of experience, hard working attitude, managing eco-friendly nursery maintenance, making the best relationship with customers, focusing their satisfaction, sharing knowledge and training all the staffs for providing the best quality of services with attractive and politely behaviour. This is the result of his important efforts and creative ideas that we are capable of having the strongest position in the  advanced competitive market. 

Bharat Nursery: Continuously Maintains Purity


Having faith in satisfaction of each and every customer, we assure our customers and visitors to enjoy the world of green plants which we grow by great efforts, taking most care to each and every plant as our own child. As a result of good and sincere care, the plants are healthy and free from diseases. We are trying to make our works as good as we can and as good as customers need. We are constantly trying to improve our services, which will fulfil needs of our valued customer and they would be satisfied. During the selection of the best quality of plants, 100% believe that we are always producing the high quality of planting materials to assure our presence in the field of plant nurseries near around. According to our pre-promise, always remember that there is no compromise with the quality standards because we firmly believe that only the quality of services provides the opportunity for services. We ensure the best services keeping in mind that requirement of each and every customer provide us a chance to become wiser and inventor.

Being pioneer in plantation industry aims 100% satisfaction


Our services are now going to touch the broad platform. We look forward to the new flight in the sky due to the love of all our great customers and affection of all our great well wishers. It is our duty to fulfil all the demands of modern and advanced new generation, this thought strengthens the base of our new customers and enhance the numbers too. We assure our presence in the field of green plantation across the nation with the strength of our sincere hard work and satisfaction of all the valuable visitors. Finally, it is the result of a well-coordinated system of all the members from the lowest level to the highest level of our team that they have sprayed each plant with their sweat and made Bharat Nursery as Brand of high quality Plant Nursery. In fact, there is no difference between caring of nursery products and their responsibilities among workers and owners. Here you can see that the owner and the workers are equal. This is the hall mark of our nursery. If someone looks at the quality plants in the offices, orchards or gardens, he immediately recognizes that these plants or tree will surely be promoted / nurtured in Bharat Nursery.

We are the top most nursery in Bihar. We promise to our great and most valuable every customer that he/she should have must trust upon us because our owner teaches us to be honest, responsible and respectful. He also teaches us to keep our eyes always open equally for our every customer delivering best services through polite manner so that he/she would be happy and satisfied.

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