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Bharat Nursery is a dedicated producer and trustworthy supplier of all kinds of green plants. A pioneer nursery in the Horticulture industry of India is continuously providing the best quality of greenery for enhancing Agri-Horti-Forestry work near around as well as nationwide. Having a well-established name  it is situated at N.H.-107, Rampur, Murliganj, Madhepura, Bihar, India. It was established many years before its real establishment. Late Ram Narayan Mehta, the real mentor of our founder, was a land lord of that time when our great founder was living with his grandma at Tulsiya village in or around 1965 who taught our founder to graft  mango plants and layering litchi plants and also motivated him to start a nursery work. A small form of nursery was established without name. First of all, we pay our heartiest homage to late Mehtaji.

             A few years later, our founder came to Rampur with the aim of furthering this nursery work. Meanwhile, he removed himself from the world of plantation and included in other type of occupation. But, it was the true love of greenery and healthy environment that brought him back to this profession. He started production of plants and began to sell those placing on a bicycle in the market nearby. In fact, this nursery was established in 1980 with the name of "Bharat Nursery" to provide the best quality of green materials and enhancing Agri-Horti-Forestry works. The great founding father of the nursery was respected "Late Om Prakash Thakurji" who continued to provide the best services to the customers of this area for a long period of time as a dedicated, wise and conscientious person to maximize the number of plants and trees for conservation and balancing the natural resources. What a great passion and curiosity was there within him! We salute his unimpressed zeal and hard working attitude. He had been enjoying this profession with dedication and honesty until his last breathe. But, unfortunately, he passed away on 29th April 2015 due to suffering from non-small-cell lung carcinoma. Really, this tragedy was a great loss of Bharat Nursery.


A few words by which we are paying our humble tribute to the great founding father:-

"Heavenly Thakurji was adopted an extraordinary but simple and influential lifestyle as an advanced nurseryman. 'There is nothing more important than satisfaction of our customers inside or outside the premises', is one of his memorable sentences which the best team of this nursery always keeps in mind. We will always remember his valuable ideas, dedication towards hard work and aim to provide the best quality of services to the customers which affects the growing future of this nursery. He was established a few seeds of his great ideas in the heart of this nursery forever. Now, paying our homage, we are trying to do our best efforts to fulfil his dream. Adopting his great ideas, is our tribute to the inner spirit. His absence will always remind us that the greatness never dies. He will continuously be alive in our memories."- Kalyan Jee 

"Late Thakurji is not present among us, but inspired by his passion, learning attitude, eagerness, dedication and devotion, we should adopt his great ideas for development of nursery. This is our best homage to the inner spirit. May God provide peace to his great soul! "- Pinki Kumari


"We will never able to forget his incredible passion for work, friendly temperament, selfless service values, comfortable instinct for staffs and excellent example of owner-customer relationship. We pay our heartiest homage and convey our Pranam to Late Thakurji ."-Bharat Nursery 

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