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सुस्वागतम् हे प्रिय सखे!  

Well-established in 1980, getting paramount position with trustworthy reputation in the current competitive market of Horticulture Industry of India, a paradise place for plant lovers',  maintaining 100% purity with perfection and focused on propagation of a comprehensive range of superior quality genuine organic Plant Heritages and caring them from seed level to delivering in customer's hand at home, Bharat Nursery is an innovative plant nursery, situated at N.H.-107, Rampur, Murliganj, Madhepura, Bihar. Focused on traditional propagation, smart nurturing, proper caring and honestly selling a large number of green plants each year, we are indeed a pioneer of all nurseries, a topmost grower and the largest wholesale-cum-retail supplier of the huge collections of fruit plants, flower plants, medicinal plants, ornamental plants, bamboo plants and fast growing timber plants. Our most dedicated and completely devoted merchandising team always physically present on site to manage deliveries of well-grown, genuine, healthy and fresh greenery to our most valuable customers. Until products are delivered in customer's hand, our best management team properly cares them and politely convey the guidelines of maintenance to completely satisfy our patrons who are going to establish a new orchard/garden, or they want some modification in old one's. With the best commitment, extreme determination and endless dedication, we honestly and energetically believe in culture of integrity and its strong values. Consequently, our best responsible team always perceives gratification to provide the excellent quality of locally propagated, expertly packed and well nurtured Plant Heritages on the reasonable and affordable market values with reliable services to our most valued buyers as their requirements in home garden, horticultural orchard, or forestry field; while undoubtedly we continue to provide a safe, enjoyable and friendly work environment to our employees which actually they deserve. These activities are scarcely seen in any nurseries. Unquestionably, we show all round perfection in the plantation field. 

Our Vision 

1. Be an honored nursery in the nation by providing the superior quality of services, embrace positive changes and continuous improvements. 

2. Be a preferred supplier of greenery in the current competitive market by providing unique quality, product consistency and special selection.

 3. Be a preferred employer in the Indian Horticulture Industry by providing a safe, challenging, encouraging and enjoyable work environment.

4. Be an evergreen partner to our environment, enhancing the number of green plants and trees to conserve and balance the natural resources.

5. Be a pioneer motivator to inspire new generations by spreading evergreen thoughts of awareness to protect the earth from Global Warming.   

Our Messages

Save the earth, must save the nature,

For golden future must  save the water,

Plant more trees to breathe the fresh air,

Let`s today, start the campaign altogether.

We must save the nature with great devotion,

With the inner spirit of heartfelt satisfaction,

Making primary for environment protection,

It should be our soulful paramount ambition.

Our Request

Having faith in friendly environment, we heartiest welcome to all the plant lovers and politely requesting them to have complete trust upon us. Please, make sure to visit in person feeling any requirements related to plants or contact our Sales Representative if need for any assistance.

We are always with you. Be relaxed but stay in touch.

 "Green Bharat:Prosperous Bharat"


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